Cover Your Fields!

It’s Not Too Late to Cover Your Fields!


As the row crops come off the fields for the season, some mid-mitten farmers are considering last minute options for cover crop to help recover some of the vital nutrients that were stripped from soils during 2017’s lower than normal rainfall. Drought ridden crops tend to leave behind residual nitrates in the soil at harvest time and applying the right cover crop can help scavenge the excess Nitrogen and rebuild the organic matter necessary for the next cash crop in the spring.

When considering what cover crop is best for your operation, be sure to check out the benefits of a cereal rye. Desired because of its later seeding date, winter hardiness, and tolerance to a variety of soil types, rye outperforms most of its cover crop competitors.

Moore Seed Farm is a grower and wholesale dealer of rye seed, offering both a VNS cover crop rye and certified Wheeler Rye. A cereal winter variety, Wheeler Rye, was developed here in Michigan and produced exclusively at Moore Seed Farm. It is available in bushel bags, 40-unit totes and bulk orders, and pricing is based on quantities.

Interested in learning more about what cover crops available in our local area? Check out the upcoming program, “Cropping and Topping Field Day: Don’t Farm in the Nude, Cover your Fields”, September 28th at 4:00 pm in Laingsburg. Hosted by the MAEAP, MSU Extension, and the Clinton County Conservation District, area farmers and industry professionals join together for an afternoon of in-field learning. Moore Seed Farm’s, Wendi Eldridge, will be there to participate in the fun and answer any questions that you might have on how rye could benefit you!