2,000 acres of Corn, Soybeans and Wheeler Rye.


As independent seed growers, our Certified Seed Corn is produced with 55 years of experience behind it. We combine irrigated soil, innovative farming techniques and our long frost free season to grow superior Seed Corn. 


The weather and soil in Central Michigan offers ideal conditions to produce high quality Seed Soybeans. We have on-site cleaning, treating and packaging facilities. We package Soybeans in bulk bags, tote bags and small bags.

Wheeler Rye

MSF began growing Wheeler Rye when it was released from the Michigan Agricultural Experiment station in 1971. A tetraploid rye variety, it is a cross Gator cereal rye from Florida and a perennial oriental rye. As the exclusive grower of Wheeler Rye selling both domestically and internationally MSF has onsite cleaning, treatment and bagging facilities to be able to provide wheeler rye at competitive prices. If you are interested in additional information regarding this winter rye variety including large purchases or growing opportunities please call the office.

Visit our Wheeler Rye Page for more information.