Established 1937.

Our story

Planting its roots early, the Moore family farm has records dating back to 1857, when James Moore began farming a plot of land in Clinton County, Michigan. Moore Seed Farm was established on that same ground by James' grandson, George Moore. Together with his wife, Mina, George started growing certified small grains and navy beans in 1937. George's son, Robert joined the family business, after returning home from WWII and marrying his wife, Doris. In 1962, Robert planted the first 15 acres of seed corn and the business quickly expanded.

In 1965, showing his entrepreneurial spirit, Robert joined with six other Michigan seed farmers to create a seed company called Great Lakes Hybrids. Now owned by AgReliant Genetics, LLC , which ranks #3 in nationwide corn sales, GLH was re-branded to LG Seeds 2019. Moore Seed Farm continues their relationship with AgReliant Genetics as a grower and dealer of LG products.

In 1972, Roberts youngest son Alan returned home to the family farm after graduation from Michigan State University. Soon after he married his wife Phyllis (Dershem), became partner in the farm, and began raising a family of four children; Suzzette (Ed Pross), Ben (Stephenie), Becki (Mike Keenan), and Dana. In 1988 Robert retired, handing the reigns over to Alan and Phyllis who continued to grow and expand MSF through innovative partnerships and practices. One of those innovative partnerships came from a new rye variety that was released from the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station in 1975. Alan successfully secured the patent and MSF became the exclusive grower of certified Wheeler Rye, which he has since built a successful market both domestic and internationally.

Over the last 47 years Alan has continued a vibrant career, receiving many accolades along the way, including serving on the United Soybean Board for 9 years and being a 2015 recipient of the Master Farmer Award. Today, Alan continues his involvement through organizations such as the FFA Foundation and the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee.

But Alan & Phyllis’s proudest accomplishment is the involvement of their family in the farming operation. In 1998, shortly after graduating from MSU, their son Ben joined the operation. 6th generation on the families ground, and 4th generation in seed, Ben brought new ideas to the farm as well as the need to add another crop into rotation. In 1999 MSF invested into the sugar industry, growing beets for (then) Monitor Sugar. Partnering with neighboring farms, MSF managed nearly 700 acres of sugar beets. Then in 2004 MSF developed another innovative partnership with Monitor Sugar, in an agreement that MSF would purchase a Euro Maus from ROPA North America and do custom loading for beet farmers throughout the region. The first agreement of its kind, MSF continued this partnership for 10 years adding to the its steady growth and success in the sugar industry. And though MSF left the sugar industry in 2015 to refocus on seeds, its time spent was both successful and profitable.

2010 Ben's wife Stephenie joined them in operation and they look forward to continuing the family farming tradition begun over 150 years ago with James Moore.

Continuing Robert's entrepreneurial lead, in 2009 Moore Seed Farm joined six other seed farms to form Premier Seed Group. Combined Premier's members have over 300 years of experience in growing seed corn with state of the art technology.

Bob Moore’s entry into the seed corn business was meager, but the outcome is tremendous.
— Jennifer Vincent Kiel, Michigan Farmer

Moore Seed Farm Today

  • 2,000 Acres of Certified Seed Corn, Soybeans, Triticale and Wheeler Rye.

  • Custom Seed Corn Drying.

  • Double pass seed dryer with 60,000 bushel capacity per year.

  • 800 acres of irrigated farm land.

  • Facilities for bagging, cleaning and treating for soybeans and cereal grains.

  • 3 acre compost operation. Composting of corn husks and manure for fertilizer.

  • 70,000 bushel on farm grain storage.

  • Warehousing and distribution services.